No War Please

Humanity has no religion:

The Israel-Hamas war is ongoing conflict between Israel-Palestine militant groups led by Hamas. The recent war rage started on 7th October 2023 when Hamas militants invaded Israel from the Gaza strip. Israel formally declared war on Hamas a day later. The event is part of the decades –long Arab-Israeli conflict, particularly the Gaza-Israeli conflict. Since 2006 Hamas and Israel have gone to war several times, Palestinians aims to end the blockade of Gaza and the Israeli occupation while Israelis occupation while Israelis aim to end the lives of the innocent people of Gaza .Since decades, Israel have consumed thousands of lives of the innocent families, people have become hostages as well.


More than 330000 people displaced across Gaza strip, U.N says. Palestinians are restricted even for the water and basic necessities of lives their lives are totally abandoned since days. Israel’s use of white phosphorus in military operations in Gaza and Lebanon puts civilians at risk of long term injuries. Israel’s military pounded Gaza with rockets on Sunday and killed hundreds of people after the surprise attack by Hamas. In view of the situation of war, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation and asked to be prepared for a “long and difficult” war a day after Hamas fired a barrage of rockets at Israel and also sent hundreds of its fighters to invade the territory. In Gaza, airstrikes by Israel have continuously been causing damage while several school and hospitals have been damaged and impacted according to the reports.

The major reason of the dispute is obviously Al Aqsa mosque, which is sacred mosque to both Muslims and Jews .This site, known to the Jews as the Temple Mount. The domination over the Holy place is the major reason for the ignition of violence over the decades. USA and Britain and some other countries are in great favor of Israel and supporting for the attacks on Gaza whereas Arab countries and Muslim world are willing to send Aid and support the Palestine. Gaza strip is badly impacted and the territory is completely destroyed. People are being homeless and hopeless as the Israeli militants are showing the roughest act of cruelty over the poor and innocent lives.

My Message:

We hereby condemn and raise voice against this situation, and request the UN TO INVOLVE and take firm decision for the sake of humanity as humanity has no religion. The land should be at peace hereafter. People of Palestine need support and care, they need immediate first aid facilities, food shelter and moral support as well. This war should be ended immediately and the issues must be resolved by the dialogue as soon as possible.


Some lines of this post and pictures are taken from media or on-line NEWS.

Alia Nawaz

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