Natural world  with science and Sense.

I enjoy nature and science both at the same time.  It is a perfect match for me. Nature/natural scenes or landscapes make me more relaxed and provide me more recreational energy to think better about scientific stuffs and explore more, create more, focus more about my projects.

Travelling and photography are my favourite hobbies. Beautiful places always attract me a lot. That’s why I love travelling and would like to see more and more places with full of natural beauty.  Luckily, I have travelled a lot during my studies, Jobs, during business and during vacations with family and friends.

My other serious hobbies are collection of educational degrees and knowledge, exploring, thinking, reading, writing scientific and interesting articles. I also like adventurous games, i-e skiing, skydiving and others.

Dr. Alia Nawaz

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Here are some pictures with full of natural beauty.

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Here are some Alia’s pictures with winter time Hobby (skiing).

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