All kind of Education is very important

EDUCATION  and Reseach studies of   Dr. Alia

Education and the expertise of Dr. Alia

I strongly believe in the importance of Education, that is why I never stopped learning and more education / technologies, using, and teaching them.

My Education is mostly in Chemistry, Bio-Sciences, and Medical Sciences. That’s why I always talk about ‘Life’ and Life Sciences. Fortunately, I have experience and the expertise in relevant education, especially  Chemistry and Protein Chemistry.

Previous Education from Sweden, Pakistan, and from other Countries:

I obtained my PhD in Protein Chemistry in 1993, and have researched at well-established research Institutes, across Europe such as Karolinska Institute (a medical University) in Stockholm Sweden,  (pics.) 

Research Scientist

 HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Accredited as a Ph.D. by Comparative Education Service, U of T  “Elucidation and Characterization of Primary Structure of various functional proteins”

Doctoral Research, mentors (supervisor) Prof, Hans Jornvall and Prof. Z. H. Zaidi

Isolated and purified various proteins and new natural products using HPLC and classical methods (solvent extraction, column chromatography, etc.), Developed sound knowledge of modern chromatography, and spectroscopy techniques, and Elucidated primary structures of various functional proteins, especially hemoglobin, by using chromatography techniques, ultra-centrifuge, lyophilization, electrophoresis, HPLC, etc.  Performed literature searches and maintained a record of methods developed based on information gained from scientific literature for use in troubleshooting procedures. My theses and Several published papers in Scientific Journals. Also M. Sc. First Class, Organic chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Analytical, Inorganic, Industrial, Physical, Advanced Organic chemistry, Syntheses, Spectroscopy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Biotechnology.

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During my studies, attended several professional summits, seminars, and conferences including the Noble Prize Ceremony.  and much more

Some documents and pictures are in the slide show, published research papers in Stockholm, Sweden, some educational degrees, some appreciation letters, some scholarship invitations, and certificates of achievement. from Sweden, Pakistan, and other countries.

Canadian Education, experience, and Awards:

Dr. Alia healthcare Foundation

Other degrees, and so much more…, Diploma in Pharmaceutical Research and Development from  Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, TIPT. Jobs in educational Institutes and Pharmaceutical Industry. Continuing Education and Professional Training. Businesses and received a lot of awards and appreciation during my stay in Canada.

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Canadian Medical Association Clearance

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Dr. Alia Nawaz’s Professional Achievements 

Certified in: HPLC (Advanced), Method Validation, HPLC Level II (practical Application), Pharmaceutical Laboratory Testing – Advanced Level,  Technical Writing and Communication, Regulatory affairs, Good Manufacturing Practices, Training: HPLC and FPLC Karolinska Institute, Chem. 1 Stockholm Sweden, and lot more….


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