Social Activities of Dr. Alia Nawaz

My life is very busy, it is very hard to have enough time to socialize with people regularly. Nowadays it is very easy to keep in contact with friends and relatives through social media and to know what is going on in the World, recent NEWS and ACTIVITIES.  So, I am using some social media accounts but because of my very busy life schedule, could not maintain or update them properly. Some Social media accounts are listed here:

Cancer Research Society   We want to kill the root cause of Cancer.

I donate my Blood also organs and tissues donors I put emphasis on others to donate for saving lives!  Dr. Alia

Operation Smile Canada   Sick Kid Miracle Club     Scientist

Heart and Stroke Foundation   Red Cross foundation  

Just because I don’t share most of the stuff on Social media does not mean I am not doing the best and great things for myself and others.  

At Some Points, Privacy is everything.

Some Privacy of  Dr. Alia


Dr. Alia Nawaz is working on Dr. Alia HealthCare Foundation

Dr. Alia is ready to Alliance for any Good Cause for the betterment of lives and saving lives.,