Dr. Alia’s Achievements, Expertise, and Leadership during her Studies, and her business (PDF)

I achieved my first aim when I completed my Ph.D. in protein chemistry, PhD research was completed at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden

Received doctoral Research Scholarships from Swedish Institute and Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden

Received doctoral research fellowship from H.E.J Institute of Chemistry

Received post-doctoral research fellowship from H.E.J Institute of Chemistry

A lot of scientific publications, presentations, awards, and prizes

Attended Noble Prize ceremony two times

Attended several professional seminars and international conferences

Published research papers in international journals and presented at international conferences.

Dr. Alia https://alianawaz.ca/


I achieved my Canadian Citizenship (23 years ago) on the basis of my Education, Research  High-level jobs in the relevant field, Experience and Expertise in R and D and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I have achieved excellent work experience for two and half decades in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry.

I have received numerous education degrees, Diplomas, educational certificates. During jobs I have received many promotions and appreciation letters. awards, also the best employee awards.


I have achieved a high level of success in my Businesses.  Visit leadership page

I have visited a lot of Countries and traveled around the World for attending professional seminars and international conferences during my studies and business.   Presently I have set up some new projects.

My two projects are almost completed:

Dr. Alia healthcare Foundation
Dr. Alia Nawaz Included in this book

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