Dr. Alia HealthCare Foundation Inc.                                                    Wellness Wisdom Worldwide                                                                Well Canada


To Enhance Wellness, Environment Protection and Long Life in mass scale, with health and healthy brains. So with wisdom and peaceful life we can create peace everywhere in the World.


To provide all kind of medical facilities and medicines (free of cost) to needy human beings for saving and improving  their lives worldwide, regardless of nationality, religion, age and gender.

To educate and inspire communities for wellness and healthy long life in protected and sustainable natural environment.


  1. Education of the concerned societies on wellness and health issues in mass scale.
  2. Individual, social, national and international efforts to manage environment.
  3.     Actions of decision makers on & Health Wellness nationally & internationally.
  4. Developed and sustained capabilities, credibility and legitimacy of “WELL”.


Registration as not-for-profit organization. (already done).

MOU with departments of Health & Environment of Canada, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh  and other countries.

Website Creation.

Fund raising from related donors for education/awareness drives.

Weekly Awareness Campaigns.

Reporting, continuous correspondences and meetings as needed with related authorities.

Monitoring and evaluation of organizational activities.

Auditing financial and operational matters for accountability and future betterment.

Continuous improvements, error corrections and actions on advises/comments of concerned.

Annual web and print Publications.

Periodically meeting with all board of directors, minutes of meeting will be published on Healthcare Foundation Website

Dr. Alia Nawaz

Dr. Alia Health Care Foundation Inc.


Dr. Alia Health Care Foundation Inc. is under construction.

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