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It is all about humanity and healthcare services.

This is a nonprofit healthcare organization is to provides, endorse, value, and promote the quality of well-being and enhance the disease-free environment with the help of prevention programs launched by the Dr. Alia healthcare foundation. We would provide free and quality care services by diagnosing each patient carefully and monitoring their recovery then we will make sure to stay on schedule. We are also the aware community by providing them with educational programs that would educate and inspire them for their wellness and live a happy and healthy long life.

Dr. Alia healthcare association is a community-serving organization. We want to be a helping hand to improve human health and save lives. We want to enhance human health and provide medical and medicinal knowledge. We have well-educated and trained medical staff. We have many healthcare professionals who are ready to serve the community by proving excellent clinical, operational, and service quality. The organization is based on great agenda that Humanity is superior to all mankind.

Our organization launches awareness programs to strengthen the health system. We provide high value in all the aspects of care that take into account services such as the ambulatory, doctor’s availability, modern equipment, and inpatient facilities. Our organization is connected to each patient remotely and values each life.

Our Focus:

Our focus would be to make sure of the availability of the best physicians, specialists, scientists, educators, nurses, and other respectful healthcare professionals who would commit to providing quality health facilities. We will reach out to most of the needy and helpless beings and provide a wide choice of benefits by means of launched programs.

Founder of Dr. Alia Health Care Foundation Inc.

Dr. Alia

Dr. Alia Nawaz



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