“Never compromise for less than you deserve. Achieve confidently your set goal and genuine perspective.”    ~ Alia  Nawaz                 


As I am in business for many years, I completed many projects for other people including build of medical centres, Pharmaceuticals and other related Industries, houses, offices and many other construction projects, I am still working on it. Besides these projects and other scientific research, now I am working on my own projects.

Working Projects:

  • Medical Centre with all Health Care facilities for serving community and humanity! (In progress).
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plant for all dosage form, with testing and research laboratories!
  • My passion is to achieve Nobel Prize in Medicine / Medicinal Chemistry / Physiology. I know it is a kind of dream but I am very optimistic to achieve it one day!

For me, all projects are important and related to each other; there is no greater privilege than work for betterment of human health and humanity, and no more exciting arena for discovering of new medicines. It is all about saving and betterment of human lives around the globe.

I am very passionate about my projects and willing to achieve positive results.

Now this is a time to invite like minded people to become a part of my Projects. I really want to extend my team who can work on my projects. Would you like to become a part of projects?                                                          Contact me at the following email addresses:

dr.alianawaz@gmail.com   ipaseminars@gmail.com     alia@ipa-canada.com

If currently working with another firm, you can work with us (part time) or as advisory board members.  If willing to support financially, call me on my direct number: 416-731-7072.

I thank you very much for your support.

Best Regards

Alia H Nawaz

Contact Dr. Alia:

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