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Dr. Alia Nawaz, A business Owner of multiple Canadian businesses, The President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Ideal Group and Ideal Pharmaceutical Alliance, a professional training and Coaching company in Etobicoke, ON, Dr. Alia H. Nawaz is an optimistic, intellectual and graceful lady with a charming personality. Dr. Alia Nawaz is an expert in the Pharmaceutical industry who has devoted more than two decades of her life to the field, she has worked for many multinational pharmaceutical industries with the highest designation. Dr. Alia is well-known for her extensive experience in Chemistry, Medical and Medicinal Sciences, Microbiology, and related Labs. Her research in Protein Chemistry includes elucidation of primary structures of protein chains by using modern technologies and methods, analyses of amino acids and peptides, as well as sequencing of proteins in peptide forms. As a result of her research, Dr. Alia Nawaz has published papers and articles in numerous International Journals and has presented at multiple International Conferences. Apart from her expertise in the Medical Field, she has traveled all around the world exploring different countries and attending professional seminars and international conferences throughout her education and business. https://alianawaz.ca/dr-alianawaz/

Talking about Dr. Alia’s Education, she was awarded a Ph.D. in Protein Chemistry in 1993. Her research studies for her Ph.D. was completed at two reputable Institutes, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden, and HEJ Research Institute. Also, she earned a diploma in Pharmaceutical Research and Development from the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology in Canada. She got her master’s degree in organic chemistry and graduated with a BSc degree in Biology, physiology, and chemistry. She received many educational certificates and awards during her educational life. After her mother passed away due to a heart attack, Dr. Nawaz dedicated herself completely to the Medical Field in the sense of the Welfare of the community.


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