Dr. Alia  Nawaz

Dr. Alia, Recognition, Excellence, Awards and Professional Achievements  (PDF)

“Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.”

Albert Nelson life time achievement Award. awarded in year 2019.

The Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board pleased to recognize Dr. Alia H. Nawaz as the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Life Time Achievement Award   an honour reserved for Marquis Biographies, who have achieved career longevity and demonstrated unwavering excellence in their field of expertise. Awarded in year 2019.

The Marquis Who’sWho Publications Board certifies that Dr. Alia Nawaz has been approved for her publications and her Biographical record in the Who’sWho in the World. Year 2017 – 2018

Inclusion in this publications Board is limited to individuals who possess professional integrity, demonstrate outstanding achievement in their respective fields and have made innumerable contributions to society as a whole. Marquis, reliable source of certify publications since 1898

Dr. Alia Nawaz, registered and selected a Delegate of Women of Outstanding Leadership. from The International Women’s Leadership Association. July 2016

Let it be known that in recognition of her consistent Excellence and Outstanding Leadership in the Pharmaceutical Industry, by declaration of the Executive Committee of the International Women’s Leadership Association.


Honors to Alia H. Nawaz, her name is included in the 2016, Strathmore’s WHO’s WHO.

Strathmore’s WHO’s WHO, acceptance is limited to individuals who have demonstrated Leadership and Achievement in their Professional occupation and Industry


Dr. Alia H Nawaz,selected Top Female Executives, from The International Women’s Leadership Association. July 2016

Dr. Alia H Nawaz, Recognizes and qualified for inclusion in Worldwide Publishing’s Prestigious Roster of Top Female Executives in Honor of Outstanding Professional, Excellence and Dedication.

Dr. Alia Nawaz, Received Continental Award Outstanding Leadership, The Continental’s Leadership Association. November 2014

Dr. Alia Nawaz received an honorary membership and Continental Award, dedicated to the recognition of excellence who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their occupation, Industry and profession.


 Dr. Alia Nawaz, Women of Outstanding Leadership, from The International Women’s Leadership Association. August 2013

Dr. Alia H Nawaz received an Award in recognition of her Contribution to Family, Career and Community as a Women of Outstanding Leadership by declaration of the Executive Committee of the International Women’s Leadership Association.


Dr. Alia Nawaz, Honoured Member, The Global Who’s who, March 2013

Inclusion in The Global Who’s who 2013, as an honoured member, in recognition of dedication and demonstrating leadership and achievement in occupation, industry and profession.
Alia Nawaz, VIP Member, Cambridge who’s who, February 2010
Selected “VIP member of the year” (2010-2011) in Cambridge who’s who, is recognized as a mark of Excellence Honour and Achievement” among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs also inclusion in the directory of 2010- 2011 edition.

Honored member, The Stanford Who’s who March 2009                             Honored member of the Stanford Who’s who; inclusion is for demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement.


Additional Honours & Awards

Doctoral Research Scholarship from Swedish Institute and Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden
Post-doctoral fellowship from HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry
Attended Noble Prize ceremony and several professional seminars and international conferences
Employee of the year Award for the Best Performance.
Cambridge Who’s Who “life time member” recognition; among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, and inclusion in the 2010-2011edition
Recognition of excellence,Honors & Awards:

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