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Dr. Alia’s   Education and the Expertise

As I have discussed earlier,  my education (Ph.D.) in protein chemistry,  medical sciences, and biological Sciences, further studies in Research and Development of pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies. Extensive work experience in the multinational pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, life sciences, and microbiology laboratories.

Educational and the expertise of Dr. Alia

Education in: Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Blood Chemistry, Protein Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, and Life Sciences, Research and Development in Protein Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Microbiology, Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, Pharmacology

Research in Protein Chemistry: Techniques, Structures, and Functions

Research in Protein Chemistry: Ranges from proteins unfolding, elucidation of primary structures by using various techniques and methods, Analyses of amino acids and peptides. Sequencing of proteins in the peptides forms, and relates specific proteins and peptides with specific functions.

The Expertise in Pharmaceuticals:


Dr. Alia Pharmaceuticals  and Research Projects

Medicine Formulation, R & D and Manufacturing, Bio-availability and Bioequivalence studies, Quality Assurance & Quality Control.

Lab Equipment, Utility, Process Validation, Policies / Frameworks / Procedures, Documentation, Technical Writing, Leadership, Training, and Supervision, Product development, Product Launches, Root Cause Analysis and Quality Risk Management, Change Control and Deviation Management, Problem Solving & Trouble Shooting,  Advanced level of computer work with automated data acquisition systems, Laboratory software. Advanced proficiency in MS Office

The Expertise in Business:

Entrepreneur, President, Director, Management, Leadership, Business Development, Strategic Planning and Execution, Training, Supervision, Team Building, Networking and Communication, Business Management, Budget Control, Business Management, Control and Optimization

Personal Attributes:

Diligent, Conscientious, Thorough, Punctual, and Dependable, Interpersonal, intellect and Presentation Skills, Advanced critical thinking and analytical ability, Creative, Logical, and Flexible mindset.

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Some of the expertise of Dr. Alia

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