I am Canadian Citizen and running my business from my resident city Etobicoke / Toronto.

Presently, own multiple businesses and run all corporations efficiently, working as a corporate President, Executive (CEO), and Consultant for pharmaceuticals, Bio-Sciences, Educational businesses.

Founder, President, and Director of Scientific Affairs.

  • Business Owner, Control, manage, organizing summit/seminars/workshop and other events for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health care, and Food industry.
  •  Managing excellent professional office work to enhance the overall efficiency of the business.
  • Writing scientific-educational articles, business correspondence, and business meetings.
  • Working as CEO, and providing instruction to the company staff for all departments
  • Deliver lectures.

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Ideal pharmaceutical Alliance



Meeting,        Seminars, Conferences     Office     Projects

Dr. Alia Healthcare Foundation

Construction Business

Business Owner, President, and CEO, Consultant.

Ideal Construction Design and Build Inc.

Phone: 416-622-9410

          https://theideal.live/        The Ideal

Contact me, with any questions about business-related activities or feedback. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks


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