Queen-Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Today, September 19, 2022, marks the day when Queen Elizabeth will be buried beside her love, the Late King Phillip.

My sincere condolences on the demise of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to the Royal family. She will be remembered for her commitment to serving others as well as the elegance, decency, and most importantly humility that she set an example for all human beings. Queen, you inspired others across the world and continue to do so. Peace in heaven Your Majesty, Our magnificent and elegant Queen, from Dr. Alia Nawaz

I have to be seen to be believed”                      Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s longest and strongest serving reign died on Thursday, September 8, 2022. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born on April 21, 1926, at Burton Street, London, United Kingdom to Father George VI and mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, whom she has named after. Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret were educated at their home and the education revolved around Language, Music, Literature, and History. Queen Elizabeth, who was a Princess in 1947, while on the tour to South Africa declared at the age of 21 that she will devote her whole life to Public Service. She met her to-be husband then, Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark, at the age of 8 and she got engaged at the age of 21. Elizabeth and Phillip got married in November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. George VI died on February 6, 1952, at their Kenyan Home, leaving the throne to Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth and her incomparable Journey of life are adored all over the world for her tireless service to reform the Monarch. At the age of 18, she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territory Service (ATS) and trained as a Mechanic. When Her Majesty rose to the throne, the British Empire was taking a downturn. She brought of sense of stability and 54 states as Commonwealth state members (it was only 8 state members before she was declared Queen). She saved the British Empire by bringing modernization to the monarchy. She was the first royal to send out a tweet in 2014 and record a Christmas message in a film. Apart from this, she was the first royal to address Congress in 1991. The remarkable choice taken by Her Majesty in 1968, according to Town and Country, was to permit a documentary film team to accompany her and her family about for more than two months. Her tactful reformation of the monarchy’s finances in response to criticism was one of her greatest accomplishments. For instance, according to Town and Country Magazine, she moved fast to pay taxes on royal income that had been free for years when a customary waiver was revoked in the 1990s. And according to British Heritage, she was able to cut the expense of the royal family by many million pounds a year by getting rid of pricey items like the royal boat. One of the triumphs is probably invincible. She reached 70 years on the reign earlier this year, making her the longest-serving English queen in history until she passed away on September 8th, 2022. Queen showed what women are possible so courageously by leading the world and influencing millions of lives.

When it came to Her Majesty’s appearance in public, she was quite picky and had a history of wearing matching hats and jackets in vibrant colors. Before she even ascended the throne, the queen was already expressing herself via fashion. She dressed in a gown with symbolism on November 20, 1947, when she wedded Prince Philip. According to the Royal Collection Trust, the Norman Hartnell masterwork represented a time of prosperity and resurrection for England following World War II. It had a 15-foot train with an elegant star motif inspired by Botticelli’s “Primavera” Renaissance artwork. For decades, she has worn a pair of shoes from the same brand, Anello & Davide. Her Majesty didn’t like wearing pants but on the other hand, loved wearing headscarves. She was fond of Gucci and Hermes.

My deepest condolences go to King Charles and all the members of the Royal Family at this very sad time. Queen Elizabeth II will always be remembered for the rest of our remaining days months and years of our lives. We will remind our next generations of Queen Elizabeth II’s great courage, unmatched personality, and 96 years of dedication. Her life journey and high principles have shaped a lot of people’s thoughts. I never had the privilege of meeting her in person, I have great admiration for her and her commitment to her role, which reigned with compassion, intelligence, humor, and wisdom. I simply loved her and always will. Queen, you will forever be in our memories.  Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth, may you rest in peace. God Bless you.  Dr. Alia Nawaz

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