Something About Science:

Science is the practical activity performed after any evidence is found by practicing a systematic methodology that provides intellectual knowledge about the behavior and understanding after observing, Experimenting, verifying, and testing the natural and social world.

Importance of Science:

Science is helpful in all aspects of life from managing our household to all the daily activities. It provides the greatest sum of ventures. Science ensures to contribute to a healthier and longer life for society. It helps to nourish our soul and spirit after gaining a happier life. Happiness does not just mean joy but it is basically the inner joy and science fulfills all of them. Science helps to monitor individuals and provides a solution to any problem an individual is facing from health issues to technical issues. Science fulfills our basic needs: food, shelter, and clothes. One cannot imagine a life without science. Development in science has enhanced the comfort level of an individual the greatest blessing of science is development in the medical sector. That has helped to cure millions of people and provided them with a healthy and longer life.

Science could be named as a resource book that provides all the solutions for everyday problems. Science helps to solve universal mysteries and it is an infinite source of knowledge. It helps to enhance the living standard of the people. But with the passage of time, we have been facing many hazardous diseases. That is one of the major challenges for science. Many deadly diseases like cancer, heart diseases, stroke, Chronic Lower Respiratory diseases; Diabetes, etc. are the reasons for death in the World.

These diseases could be cured at the initial stage but these chronic diseases are very difficult to be cured. Science has come up with many vaccines. No doubt they are very effective and helpful. Every year scientists are trying to make more effective vaccines and they are succeeding too.

The next coming posts will be about medicinal sciences.

Dr. Alia Nawaz

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