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#International Women’s Day is a day to acknowledge and honor women around the world for the contributions we make each day to society.

Celebrating Women, whether professionally or personally, is a sense of commitment to each and every Woman in one’s life. Every year on March 8, #International Women’s Day is commemorated. In most countries, the Day has been declared a National holiday. Women from all fields of life gather together around, spanning cultural and ethnic divides, to honor their battle for peace, justice, equality, and progress.

International Women’s Day is all about valuing oneself and realizing one’s full potential. Aside from that, Women need to summon the fortitude to overcome all obstacles in all areas of life to achieve significant progress.

It is a common misconception in society that Women’s problems are unimportant.

The objectives of International Women’s Day (IWD) are: 

  • To celebrate the struggle for #women’s rights in the #economic, #social, #political, and #cultural domains
  • To endorse women’s solidarity in the struggle for peace. 
  • To assure women’s security and ability to equally avail the rights and perform their duties with complete zeal and zest, along with religious #freedom.
  • And to show what women have achieved and they can achieve more….. 

The color purple is often associated with #IWD as it signifies ‘justice and dignity’ green and white are also the colors of IWD. Green symbolizes hope. White represents purity,

International awards celebrate impressive achievements of women worldwide

I have received three awards from the International women association and again I have been nominated to get one more in the year 2022.

#All Inspiring Women, Almost all famous female achievers, leaders are included in the below-mentioned links, and their thoughts are reflecting their mission and purpose in life.

75 Empowering Feminist Quotes from Inspiring Women, Words of wisdom from trailblazing artists, writers, and thinkers.

100-quotes from 100 extraordinary women.

Inspirational women  for Nobel prize n focus

For me,

Any woman can thrive and reveal her capabilities at an advanced level of her life in all respected professional categories unless her competitors do not use unfair and illegal means to let her down, create no obstacles in her way to success.


My Message on #International Women’s Day 2022!

This year, celebrations will continue to look a little different because coronavirus and virtual events are expected to take place around the world.

So make International Women’s Day your and my day, celebrate it, and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women.

Encourage women, start from your family members (your mother, wife, sisters, daughters, and cousins), friends, classmate, teammates, your lady boss, your coworkers, and anyone who deserve it. Give greeting cards, gifts,s or some good words as a reward to cheer them, honor them for their superior work.  Show your respect, love satisfactory and pleasant feelings, admire their work, and make them happy.

To conclude, it feels nice to have a day to celebrate the achievements of women. Thus, on this international women’s day, let’s recognize the significance of women in our lives and in society and inspire them for greater future achievements. As they can contribute equally to the home, society, and nation.

Dr. Alia

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#Celebration of Women’s Day worldwide. In the US, the month of March is Women’s History Month. A presidential proclamation issued every year honors the achievements of American women. International Women’s Day is a national holiday in many countries, including Russia, where flower sales double during the three or four days around 8 March. In China, many women are given a half-day off work on 8 March, as advised by the State Council. In Italy, International Women’s Day, or la Festa della Donna, is celebrated by the giving of mimosa blossoms. The origin of this tradition is unclear but it is believed to have started in Rome after World War Two.

2021 saw the inauguration of Kamala Harris as the first female, first black, and first Asian-American US vice president

The UN announced their theme for 2022 as “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. Their events will recognize how women around the world are responding to climate change.

But there are also other themes around. The International Women’s Day website – which says it’s designed to “provide a platform to help forge positive change for women” – has chosen the theme #BreakTheBias and is asking people to imagine “a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination”.

#History of start celebrating International Women’s Day.

#Clara Zetkin founded International Women’s Day (IWD) in 1910 grew out of the labor movement to become an annual event recognized by the United Nations. The seeds were planted in 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York demanding shorter working hours, better pay, and the right to vote.  A year later, the Socialist Party of America declared the first National Woman’s Day.

It was Clara Zetkin, a communist activist and #advocate for women’s rights, who suggested the creation of an international day. She put her idea to an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen in 1910 – and the 100 women there, from 17 countries, agreed to it universally.

#International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911, in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. The centenary was celebrated in 2011, so this year technically celebrating the 112th.

Things were made official in 1975 when the United Nations started celebrating the day. The first theme adopted (in 1996) was “Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future”.

International Women’s Day has become a date to celebrate how far women have come in society, politics and in economics, while the political roots of the day mean strikes and protests are organized to raise awareness of continued inequality. Clara’s idea for International Women’s Day had no fixed date.

It wasn’t formalized until a wartime strike in 1917 when Russian women demanded “bread and peace”; four days into the strike the tsar was forced to abdicate and the provisional Government granted women the right to vote.

The strike began on 8 March and this became the date that International Women’s Day is celebrated.

The color purple is often associated with IWD as it signifies ‘justice and dignity’ Purple, green and white are the colors of IWD, according to the International Women’s Day website. “Purple signifies justice and dignity. Green symbolizes hope. White represents purity, albeit a controversial concept. The colors originated from the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in the UK in 1908,” they say.

Once again #Happy International Women’s Day 2022 to all women. Enjoy and celebrate it respectfully!

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