Dear family members, this day is all about us.  What a great day to celebrate our precious and valuable relationship! It is my honor to be a part of such a nice, amazing and supportive family. I feel proud to call you my family members. May Allah keep all of you safe. I wish to celebrate this family day every year with my family members with the same spirit. Enjoy. (Some of my family photographs are in the slide show.)

My family member

#Family Day is a statutory holiday in 5 provinces of Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick on the third Monday of February each year, where it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Some other countries also celebrate the family day, including Australia, South Africa, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and the U.S. states Nevada and Arizona, etc.

CANADA’S FAMILY DAY reminds us of what’s really important, whatever the origins and evolution of Family Day, the meaning of the holiday is right there in its name.  It is kind of cool to have been around on the making of a brand-new provincial holiday. There are no established traditions surrounding Family Day as there are for #Christmas and #New Year’s Day. But, as the name implies, #CANADA’S FAMILY DAY many Canadians take advantage of the three-day weekend in February to spend extra time with their families.

On Family Day, many people plan and take part in activities aimed at the whole family. These include visiting art exhibitions, watching movies, skating on outdoor ice rinks, playing board games, and taking part in games, educational craft activities. Road trips, winter sports outings, and extended family gatherings are all popular ways to observe the holiday. Some communities plan special public events, art galleries, Science centers. Museums and other visiting places. may have reduced prices or free entry.  As the weather is usually very cold in February, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies are popular snacks. Celebrants find ways to overcome the cold and have a warm and cozy Family Day!



Why is family important? What kind of impact does it have on a person in their childhood and as an adult?  Does it matter to society, country, and the world as a whole?

Importance of Family:

Everyone is born into a family, your parent, sisters, brothers, siblings, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparent are family members, but not everyone gets a healthy family. Those who aren’t privileged to have a good birth family, often create a chosen family later on. There are some reasons why family is so important: Life has changed so much for most of us in the modern world. With the #advancement of technology, changing cultural norms, new priorities, and new forms of communication fueled by the Internet, it’s natural to curious about what the importance of the family is. Is it a dying institution that has no place in modern life? Well, of course not. Family is just as relevant as it ever was, if not more. No matter how much life changes in the future, it will probably continue to be needed in one form or another. Families are hubs of tradition. Many families carry on traditions through the years by sharing stories from the past. This creates #connections with family members that aren’t around anymore.

Benefits of Family:

Uncountable #benefits of being a family member, some of them are listed here:

Relationship. Families set the stage for future #relationships.The very first relationship a child has is with their parents and siblings. Whether healthy or not, these relationships provide a model for what future relationships will look like. It’s often not a conscious decision, but for better or worse, people often choose friends and partners based on how similar they are to their family. Family dynamics repeat themselves and reinforce beliefs about relationships and self.

Affection and encouragement.  #Families can be an essential source of care and help in good or bad times, families can provide the affection and #encouragement a person needs to be content. If a person has a strong family, they’ll always be able to find the love and support they need. With their family behind them, a person will find the #motivation and #courage for #success. On the other side, if a person isn’t getting love and support from a family structure, they’ll feel lonely, depressed, and even hopeless. Families spend so much time and energy supporting each other through difficult times because of the bonds they’ve created and nurtured since the time each of them became a part of the family.

Financial security.  A well-functioning family provides #financial security for everyone living in the household. First, family members who can work contribute at least a part of their earnings to help the family meet everyone’s needs and wants. Second, the family combines resources to pay bills and manage their money to ensure that financial necessities are always taken care of.

Support System, many people have found themselves with great news but no one to tell it to. That’s a problem one rarely has when living in a family. People who are in healthy families have access to everyday joys that some people don’t have. In addition, everyone has hard times. A healthy family has each other’s back. When family members are under stress, someone close to them is most likely to see the symptoms that they’re struggling with. People may hide their problems with others, but their family most often already understands. Even if they don’t condone someone’s actions, they love unconditionally. They’re there for family and family has a built-in #support system.

Education, the most important way parents contribute to society is by educating their children. The learning doesn’t go just one way, either. In a healthy family, learning has a high priority, perhaps just after meeting basic needs. Talking around the dinner table, family members often share their political views. They may discuss the issues in an upcoming election or the qualifications of a candidate. This inspires everyone to find out more about the people and ideas involved so they can make an informed decision when it’s their turn to vote.

Quality time:  Quality time with family is linked to better academic performance Parents begin teaching their children as soon as they’re born. They may help them learn to walk and teach them new words as they develop their vocabulary. They potty-train them, teach them manners, and take advantage of learning opportunities in everyday life. Best of all, they pass on a love of learning that will serve the child well throughout their life. Most parents are equipped in different ways when it comes to helping their children learn after they go to school. They can encourage scholarship and ethical behavior, as well. When becoming a parent, solving all children’s disagreements can be a massive chore. One of the ways parents cope is to teach their children how to resolve their conflicts on their own. Parents teach their children right from wrong and encourage them to follow the laws of the land unless disobeying a specific law will benefit society. #Families often work together to get household chores done. Every task they do together teaches them more about what it’s like to work as a team to #accomplish group goals.

Healthy Lifestyle. Children enjoy a healthy lifestyle when they live in a #healthy family. They have healthy meals, are encouraged to get up and move, enjoy time outdoors, and get prompt medical attention when needed. Health benefits exist for parents, too. #Research has shown that people who live with children in their families tend to live longer, even after the children have grown up and moved away. This may be because parents tend to eat healthier food, quit smoking, reduce their drinking, quit using drugs, and may even stay more active compared to their childless peers.

Medical problems. Facing medical problems alone can be a nightmare…Family potentially helps solve all these problems and can make sure that food, water, rest, and medical care are provided. Society may not have to do anything to take care of a person’s basic needs because a family already has that covered.

Challenges in the family.  All Families May Struggle Sometimes, even though families have many benefits, they can sometimes be challenging. You may need a little support to get through your days, which is entirely understandable. For instance, if you are not happy with your significant other, it may lead to depression and divorce. It is better to be honest about your views on your family before settling down with someone. This limits these things from happening. You should also consider having a trusted friend that you can talk to about your problems, or simply taking some me-time occasionally, for when you need a little break from your home life. This is something that will lower your stress and allow you to access your values and focus on what’s important.

Reduce Mental Health problems. Family relationships are linked to a person’s mental health, there have been many studies on the importance of #family time. While families can still be healthy even if they don’t eat dinner together every night, there is a correlation between this time together and a young person’s wellbeing. In Pediatrics, one study discovered that kids who ate with their families regularly were less likely to show depression symptoms. On the other side of the spectrum, research shows that negative family relationships can trigger or worsen mental health issues.

Family plays an important role in the community, society, and the country.

Those people who grow up in the family feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves. Their Families teach values, people learn a value system within their family structure. They learn what their family defines as right or wrong, as well as what’s important to the community. These values become deep-rooted and form a foundational part of a person’s identity. Values affect how a person treats others, how they view themselves, and they can easily select their purpose in life.

They feel proud to become a member of a #community and #Society for hardships and endeavors time. They have a clear picture in their mind that how they can provide their services for the #country and how they can make a better image of their country on the world stage.


First held in Alberta in 1990, Family Day was proposed by the province’s former premier, Don Getty, after his son was arrested for dealing drugs. Although Getty denied any connection, it is believed that this episode motivated him to establish an occasion to counteract what he saw as the erosion of family values in Canadian society.

It was introduced in Saskatchewan in 2007 and in Ontario in 2008. British Columbia observed Family Day as a statutory holiday for the first time in 2013, New Brunswick in 2018.

Followed by Saskatchewan in 2007 and Ontario in 2008. On May 28, 2012, the BC government announced that Family Day would be observed on the second Monday in February each year, starting February 11, 2013. The week of its observance was changed from the second Monday of February to the third Monday starting in 2019. In April 2017, the NB government announced the family statutory holiday to begin in February 2018. In February 2018, the BC government announced that Family Day would move In Yukon, the already-existing Yukon Heritage Day was considered close enough on the calendar to the new Family Day holiday.

Holidays to celebrate families are also held in other places around the globe. In the Australian Capital Territory, the first Tuesday of November is known as Family and Community Day. In South Africa, the day after Easter Sunday is Family Day.  Canada’s Family Day coincides with America’s Presidents Day. Also known as Washington’s Birthday, is a federal holiday in the U.S., so can easily celebrate the family day and enjoy yourself with family members.

This is a real family video, showing five generations in the family.

Dr. Alia Nawaz,

Dr. Alia Nawaz

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