COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive as the Virus Mutates:

It is #mandatoryto get vaccinated for saving lives and to continue essential life activities such as businesses, jobs, travelling etc. The productions of #COVID-19 vaccines continue to boost, and more and more people are getting vaccinated every day. The vaccines created to address the #novel coronavirus may join the smallpox, polio, and measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines as major progresses in saving lives. The speed at which #COVID-19 vaccines were developed was stunning. Vaccines usually takes several years to develop.  The quickest any vaccine had been developed previously was the four years it took to create the mumps vaccine. #COVID-19 vaccines were created in less than a year. Just as important, the leading COVID-19 vaccines worked stunningly well; the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are both more than 90 percent effective against early COVID-19 variants. That was deadly because COVID-19 is incredibly adaptive. The #Delta variant, first identified in December 2020 in India, was more #infectious than its predecessors and soon became the dominant strain around the world. In November 2021, South African #scientists identified the emergence of the #Omicron variant. Within weeks it had been found around the world. As 2021 ended, it was unclear whether #Omicron presented a greater #health threat or would send the global economy into another dive. What was clear is that more than 5 million people globally and 800,000 Americans had died from COVID-19.

Joe Biden Becomes President:

He moved quickly upon taking office to fulfill his promise to strengthen relations with America’s allies. He returned the #United States to the #Paris Climate Agreement and the #World Health Organization, renewed New START for five years, sought to #revive the Iran nuclear deal, and ended U.S. support for offensive military operations in Yemen. These moves away from former President #Donald Trump’s America First policies drew applause overseas; #initial polls showed a sharp improvement in the U.S. image abroad.

Derek Chauvin found guilty on all 3 charges related to George Floyd’s death:

Now he’s being sent to 22.5 years to prison. That’s what he gets for mindlessly murdering an innocent man as well as attempting to kill a 14-year-old teen back in 2017. He tried to hurt a child as well. Murderers deserve to go to prison. Very simple.

Donald Trump banned from Twitter:

What was the point of this? He was funny to look at…, now we can’t do that anymore. Besides I’m pretty sure this is infringement of freedom of speech, and this is not an issue that I like Donald Trump or not.

United Nations declares 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust:

Peace should be the future. Otherwise, war would lead us to death of humanity. (Via nuclear and biological weapons), Even though, there’s still going to be a matters in #the world! The United Nations declares 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

Kamala Harris becomes the first female and black Vice-President of the United States:

This is a milestone because of representation. Now young girls and nonwhite individuals can look up to the white house and see it is possible to run a country. she is the first colored and woman vice president in American history. it’s a big milestone for the United States. #Women of color in power is a huge step forward.

XTube shuts down:

Canada’s porn site finally got shut down. We never need porn sites anywhere. They’re like harmful drugs.

Bryce Young becomes the 1st Alabama quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy:

This was a historic event we didn’t even see coming. It’s like the best thing a man has done this year in the chronological timeline after the 1st men going to space as non-astronauts (also known as the Inspiration 4) which was the best thing that ever happened this year besides the boost in COVID-19 vaccine productions. A historic event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The United States rejoins the Paris Climate Accord and the #World Health Organization:

There was a noticeable decrease in the environment while he was president, but hopefully now that they’re back in those two organizations.

BLM gets nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize:

BLM has reignited and invigorated a vital conversation. And at least it won’t start any wars/drone strikes (looking at you, past 3 or 4 peace prize winners…)

The border between Saudi Arabia and Qatar reopens:

January,Saudi Arabia agreed to reopen its border with Qatar, ending a three-year-long diplomatic crisis. There’s not much else to say about this one, but maybe it will inspire peace between the two countries.

The return of crowded events:

After one and half years, events with lots of people have returned. From outdoor events to indoors & others, we’re seeing a light in a return to normal. We got toward that in the summertime & it’s becoming more normal as time goes on & more people are vaccinated.

 The AUKUS Deal Debuts:                

On September 15, President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson jointly #announced a new trilateral security partnership named AUKUS. The most The U.S. pledge to provide #Australia with technology to build eight nuclear-powered (but not nuclear-armed) submarines. The only other country to receive similar access to U.S. #technology is the United Kingdom. The statement announcing the contract justified it as necessary to # “preserve security and stability in the Indo-Pacific.”

The Taliban Return to Power:

 The U.S. war in Afghanistan ended as it started twenty years earlier: with the Taliban in power. In 2020, #President Donald Trump struck a #deal with the #Taliban that required withdrawing all U.S. troops by May 1, 2021. Two weeks before that deadline, President Joe Biden ordered that a complete U.S. withdrawal be concluded by no later than September 11, 2021—the twentieth anniversary of the #9/11 attacks. As the withdrawal proceeded, the Afghanistan national army collapsed, and the Taliban overran the country. Kabul fell on August 15, trapping thousands of foreigners in the capital city. The United States launched a massive effort to evacuate stranded Americans by August 31, a deadline set by the Taliban. The U.S. #withdrawal ended on August 30, leaving behind more than one hundred U.S. citizens and as many as 300,000 Afghans who may have qualified for expedited U.S. visas. #Biden called the withdrawal an “extraordinary success.”

Pope Francis meets Grand Ayatollah:

In March, Pope Francis met in Iraq with Grand #Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the first ever meeting between a pope and a grand ayatollah.

Clash on the #Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border:

In April, a dispute over access to water triggered a clash on the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border, leaving 55 people dead and some 50,000 displaced.

Release of #Huawei executive:

In September, the United States dropped a three-year-old request that Canada extradite a senior #Huawei executive, prompting China to release two #Canadian citizens it had arrested when the extradition warrant was first filed back in 2018.

The Pandora Papers

In October, the #International Consortium of Investigative #Journalists released #the Pandora Papers, which contained more than 12 million documents showing how the wealthy and powerful use offshore accounts to evade taxes and hide money.

There are some more activities of year 2021 need to be highlighted. May be next time….

Well known NEWS, All writing is taking from NEWS.

Alia Nawaz

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