Now various Coronavirus vaccines are approved.

Canadians received an early Christmas gift on December 23, 2020 as Health Canada declared a new COVID-19 vaccine from U.S. biotech firm Moderna safe for use. PM Justin Trudeau welcomed the move during a news conference in which he also announced that Canada will receive more doses next month of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine than previously expected. More information about COVID-19 Vaccines are using in Canada

After a long struggle and waiting for CoronaVirus Vaccine, a 90-year-old Margaret Keenan is the first recipient in Britain to receive the Pfizer Vaccine. In Canada, it has been started from December 14, 2020. We hope that it comes to an end as soon as possible with the grace of god and makes our society friendly and happy as of earlier. The Covid-19 is bringing fears and uncertainties in the minds of people, as we are receiving news of a new strain / variant of virus from Britain, all flights for Britain have been cancelled just to prevent people from getting the virus. Till today, total cases of Coronavirus globally are 79,067,331 and total deaths of people are 1,737,074. In the USA total cases are 18,547,045 and total deaths are 327,537. Thousands of people are dying everyday because of COVID – 19.

Second wave of COVID-19 is more deadly and dangerous than the first one. We are still in the danger zone and healthcare professionals are trying to save lives. but let us focus on empowering ourselves and believe in the mercy of god. The White House task force warns states that vaccines will not reduce spread until late spring… COVID patients with symptoms that last month are now called, “long haulers”  Many of these people had mild symptoms and were never in the hospital. They are taking care of all precautions. I would not go expecting miracles… no matter what the headlines say. We must remember – There is only ONE person you can truly trust with your health and safety… that is You – Yourself. Here is how I am taking care of myself.   Boosting my immune system, taking care of all necessary precautions including, hand washing, face covering by wearing a mask, and keeping 6 feet distance form each other. Not to socialize unnecessarily and isolate yourself when you feel ill, this is important, and it works.  

The Virus to be Cursed: Coronavirus (Arrival of CoronaVirus):  

With the beginning of December month in 2019, a news spread all over the world regarding an “unnamed” virus caused due to a person who had a “Bat” soup in the markets of China. Many Individuals claimed that this kind of disease was already listed in some of the books from the past. The virus targets the lungs and makes breathing difficult for a person. Within a month, the cases stood by 44. The media started associating the death of a 61-year-old Covid-19 patient with the seafood market, the primary cause of Coronavirus. Thailand and Japan were next recorded victims of Coronavirus. The Coronavirus did not even show mercy on the United states and the first case in Washington was accorded on Jan 21. In February, The WHO (World Health Organization) named that virus COVID-19. The Global Health Emergency was declared at the end of January when the total number of cases stood nearby 10,000 all over the world. March 11 was the day when Coronavirus spread over all the borders and most of the countries announced the Lockdown. The States came with a plan to stop the spread in three phases. But did that really work? Although, with a plan having astonishing strategy the U.S. recorded 209,199 deaths.

Talking about the measures WHO took for stopping the spread, the number of steps to stop the transmission was introduced. Also, to make people aware WHO observed and listed some symptoms and introduced the weekly report program which gives people updates about every week’s situation around the globe. Currently, WHO is collaborating with numerous researchers and businesses to invent the vaccine at war-footing. WHO is ensuring the people that whenever the appropriate vaccine will be invented, it will be equally distributed to countries regardless of any race, religion and power. More information can be founded at the following link:

Reference: Pictures retrieved from free resources.

The Trump government took the quick action in stopping the spread and relief. 2 million testing centers were opened, Lockdown was announced, Huge amount of funds provided and unnecessary visits to doctors were ceased. Moving towards the measures taken by Canada, the Country was completely shut down allowing only necessary visits, small businesses were closed, introduced CERB benefit, huge number of testing centers were allocated, wearing masks was mandatory, invested in factories to meet the demand of sanitizers and masks, borders were closed, each individual entering the country required testing, 14-day quarantine plan came into existence, provided funds to support WHO, 275 millions of dollars were invested in research for medicine, an app was introduced to detect the exposure of Coronavirus around a person.

Let’s Move towards some of the rumours stating this Pandemic as “Plandemic”. Observing the situation, it can be said so. In all the parts of Countries, for common people the lockdown was announced, the religious places were shut down and small business ceased. Was that lockdown just limited to that only? What about the rallies, protests that happened during pandemic? Wasn’t that spreading the Coronavirus? The politicians were seen mocking around about masks and doing rallies. How they are in good condition though? Did they already had any antibiotic which stop covid-19 coming around them? Or is that just their conspiracy to reduce the population and to increase the price for the sake of the economy? People started losing the trust in Government bodies and WHO eventually as there came the anniversary of Coronavirus and still it’s snatching the lives of people at fast pace. Also, some individuals took advantage of the situation and started instigating people against the government with spreading false information. To this, WHO requested people around the world to not to trust that information and kept ensuring that sooner we will have the solution to this pandemic. In fact, In America, the worst happened when President started calling it “ChinaVirus” which caused the rise in racism. It was reported that Trump got virus but within a week of the news he was seen debating for elections which propelled people to stop trusting in the Government.

For now, all we can do is support WHO and follow the guidelines like frequently washing hands, maintaining 6 ft distance, wearing masks, avoid going to crowded places and avoid touching eyes, nose and face too often. This pandemic has separated us from our loved ones and for those who has lost their loved ones they have our sympathy.

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