Year 2020 is a year of global crisis, an uncertain year, a year never forgettable, a year which snatched the lives, happiness, and freedom of most of the people around the world. The Covid-19 caused more than 1.5 million people’s death around the globe. World has changed a lot this year, especially for those who have lost their loved ones because of the pandemic crisis. This crisis is still going on. As year 2020 ends in the days ahead, still an unprecedented and challenging time for all of us, but also a time of incredible resilience as people pull together. People are mentally prepared and ready to face unexpected situations and cumulative their immunity system to keep themselves healthy.

Governments of all countries around the globe are working more rigorously competitively for keeping people safe, healthy, and peaceful at this crucial time. It is the time to be thankful to Scientist, Doctors, Nurses, and other medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical related staff. England is the first country has started distributing vaccine. Vaccines of this global pandemic (COVID-19) are coming soon in the market for other countries. May Allah (God) keep us safe and healthy. انشاء اللہ.

Sense of positivity is still there in the year of 2020, a 103-year-old woman won her battle against Coronavirus. This year made people realize the importance of families. Instead of Golf, Baseball, Cricket and Hockey, People found enjoyment in playing Ludo King, Puzzles and Chess with their family members. Instead of attending parties in the restaurants, People found attending parties over zoom and teams to be exciting too. For some people it is the time for sharpening the skills and enhancing their knowledge. Most of the people taking rest and spend time with their families.

Here are some more remarkable bad incidents. The year 2020 is shaking the walls of Royal Place in England when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decide to step back as Royals and live the life of a common people. People all over the world were not over with the celebrations of new year when they heard the ear blasting news of Ukrainian Plane Crash costing the lives of 176 people. The fires in Australia burnt millions of acres of land resulting in loss of 3,000 homes, making species extinct and continuous smoke from fire crossed borders. The Covid-19 then shifted to year 2020 having major impact around all the borders. The ears which were bearing the weight of earrings, spectacles and headphones now suppose to manage masks too. Welcoming People turned to avoid people from 6 feet. The on-campus classes now went to virtual. The tables in Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants are now covered with tapes saying “Sorry, Dine-in is closed”. The birthday parties, marriages and anniversaries are now to be joined by no more than ten people just giving disheartening to people. Individuals found time to sharpen their skills like cooking, gardening, sewing and other creativity. The Scientists are struggling to find the Vaccine and somehow, it is questioning their abilities. In some of the regions, people do not even get to see the face of their loved ones for the last time. Then comes another thing: Racism began among Chinese people in America blaming them for Coronavirus, renaming it to “The Chinese Virus”. On Jan 26, the news of the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant left every basketball lover in shock and grief. At the end of January, the United Kingdom withdrew from European Union. On March 10, Italy became the first country to announce the lockdown closing the borders. The next day, WHO declares Covid-19 disease as Pandemic. Then came the bad news for all sports lovers, the Summer Olympics were delayed till 2021. On 15th of March, Nigeria faced an explosion of gas which cost 15 lives. Then came a point when people started losing trust in Police Officers after news crashed about George Floyd’s killing caused by Police. The world was full of enthusiasm and relief when the rumor about the death of Kim Jong Un spread. The famous actor Chadwick Boseman ends his life Journey after continuous fight of 4 years against Cancer. The Second woman ever appointed at the high court died on Sept 18. On Oct 2nd, the President who initiated racism on behalf of Coronavirus got infected from the same virus. Another Celebrity died of Cancer on Oct 6 named Eddie Van Halen. On Halloween day, the streets of Quebec were filled with fear when a man dressed in a Halloween costume with Japanese sword stabbed two people to death. On November 11, Joe Biden was announced as Next President of States leaving Trump and his lovers in grief.

Some real fact of year 2020:

Dr. Alia Nawaz

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