The Remembrance Day – the day to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during war is celebrated around the world on 11th November. It all started in 1919, when King George V asked people to remember the loved ones, we lost during the First World War while fighting. In England, it is celebrated with huge enthusiasm. Usually, the members of the Royal Family and politicians of England gather at Whitehall situated in London for the memorial service. All the individuals hold the silence for two minutes to remember the soldiers who lost lives for their peace. Apart from this, people wear a red colored poppy to give them a tribute and out of respect. The poppy was introduced by a charity which was formed by Veterans of World War one. Some people think the poppy is just a symbol of death and war due to its red color. Also, some people do not prefer to wear the poppy as they think it is something related to politics. In Canada, it is also known as Armistice Day. Also, two weeks ahead of 11th November, the buses in Canada display the slogan “Lest We Forget” for Reminders to remember the soldiers.

Celebrating Remembrance Day is important as the Army is the backbone and a sole protector of each country. Since the past, there have been a lot of instances when armed forces lost their lives just to protect the country’s people. It is their dedication, passion and love for the country due to which we are safely roaming and spending our lives on our own terms. During their duty, they are always on the edge to die. Some soldiers protect our country by staying in regions where they do not have enough oxygen to breathe, food to eat and quite cold temperature. They are doing a lot to let us breathe and we can not thank them enough for that but still we can at least have a day to remember them.

This year due to coronavirus, the excitement is not observed on the faces of people and celebrations are hugely affected. Due to the restrictions from the authorities from every country, people can not get together for holding two-minute silence. Most importantly, the poppy this year will be digital too. Although the times are hard, still for the sake of our country’s army and their sacrifices, we can hold a two-minute silence at our respective homes. We Salute to the army as they protect us by living far away from their family and in the area where danger always lurks. Would you like to donate for them, please provide your donation here. Thanks.

Dr. Alia Nawaz November 10, 2020

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