Happy Canada Day! On this Canada Day of 2018, I want to wish all Canadians a wonderful celebration.

I am proud to call myself Canadian. The country that has given so much to me and my family.

Canada is a magnificence land of dignity, history and diversity. We are blessed with an abundance of resources, elegant and smart people. We are the envy of the world in so many ways.

I have had the pleasure of travelling across the country, visiting cities and towns; really Canada is an enormous country, having historical and natural beauty.

Canada, a country that always strives to be smarter and more caring, I hope that we can continue to be a nation that imagines infinite possibilities and works hard to create them.

Good wishes for Canada always, Keep going, Canada!

Happy birthday, Canada! 

Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day!

from  Alia  H Nawaz

Very busy days of first half of year 2018, could not get any free time to post on any occasion. Now ready to take on the second half of this year.

Canada Day Greetings

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