December 31, 2017, today is the 17th anniversary of my journey from Pakistan to Canada, (from Eastern country to Western Country). I moved to Canada with my family on December 31st 1999. We arrived at 8:00 PM in Canada; I was so tired and exhausted because of very long hour’s flight, so went to sleep early and woke up by feeling sunlight on my face directly. It was the first day of January 2000 and my very first day in Canada. So, I started my new life in Canada from millennium year. 

I was qualified for Canadian immigration on the basis of my education, job experience, scientific skills and expertise, and on running business.  After few years I received Canadian citizenship as per Canadian rules. I have visited so many countries before I came to Canada; my education is from Eastern, Western and European countries, which was helpful for settling in Canada, but I had to evaluate my previous educational degrees from Canadian University, also received more educational degrees, diploma and certificates from Canadians institutions.

Canada is very peaceful, beautiful, demanding and challenging country. Canadians are smart, well-mannered, courteous, graceful and helpful people. As a new comer in Canada I had to work hard and diligently to prove ourselves that Pakistani people are able to live in any part of the world and can make space for ourselves in a respectful manner and style. So I did it. In Canada, I have worked a lot in various categories: such as in education, in health care, in business, some work in leadership and politics, and completed a lot of constructive projects successfully.

I am admiring Canadian people so much; it doesn’t mean that other country’s people are not good. They are always very nice with me except few. I should mention that Pakistani people have uncountable qualities. I have been living in Canada since 18 years, also spent a lot of time in various Eastern and Western countries. Despite of our culture, life style and religious differences we are friend of each other, we respect and help each other. My real focus is on country policies, regulatory system, economy, business, education and health care. We can contribute to build better country!

Wishing you and your family a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year filled with joy and prosperity! You have much joy, advancement and success in the year to come. Happy New Year 2018!

My best wishes for the all years ahead, May we join together in this time of returning light to envision peace on earth and a more enlightened future for humanity!

May there be peace on Earth. Every one of us needs to contribute something for this great purpose, especially world leaders.

So what is a new promise and intention for year 2018!  Work Hard and Work Smart to make our city, our country and our World a better place.

Alia Nawaz

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