All Muslim Countries Alliance for the help of Rohingya’s Muslims

It is not too late for creating all Muslims Countries Alliance for this great cause.

Since now, we all know that what is going on with Rohingya’s Muslims. In recent months, thousands and thousands of Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh amid a military crackdown on insurgents in Myanmar’s western Rakhine state. There are lot of horrifying stories of rapes, killings and house burnings are coming through media. Rohingya’s are suffering “mass atrocities” perpetrated by security forces in the northern part of Rakhine state.

I am not talking this matter on the basis of religion. Situation of Rohingya’s Muslims need to be considered on Humanitarian basis. They are all human being; they are all rejected by the country they call home and unwanted by its neighbours. Bangladesh is not accepting them. Thousands of people have already been departed. Remaining Rohingya’s Muslims are impoverished, in a very bad condition, no home, no shelter, no food, no clothing, virtually they are stateless.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel peace laureate and political leader, her failure to defend the Rohingya is extremely disappointing. There are many investigations has been done, but all hopeless.

All world’s leaders and Humanitarian activist organizations are helping to some extent, but this support is not enough. We really need to do more for Rohingya’s Muslims. I am in Canada, and know Canadian government has donated by 12.1 Million dollars (read more); many organizations are working very well privately.  I know about the help of Turkish govt. also few more Muslims countries, but I don’t know about Pakistani government, what’s the planning about Rohingya’s Muslims help.

This is very tough and uncomfortable time for Rohingya’s Muslims. At least all Muslims Countries need to be united on one platform for help and solve Rohingya’s Muslims problems. I hope my voice will be heard and will achieve positive response from all Muslims world leaders that they will be together and will take action and make serious decisions for this purpose. I also hope Pakistan will lead all countries. Ameen.


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