I stopped posting anything on my website because of a controversial quote that was posted last month. It was discussed and criticized a lot in public, even on government level. I have received several emails, so I need to explain my point of views about this quote.

Quote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” —John Quincy Adams

This is very wise saying and it is from famous world leader.

My interpretations of this quote:

If I take it personally, for me to do more is a very optimistic sign, more expectation based on my capability. I do not feel any insult for doing more. There is no ego for doing more, I should be grateful to God that I possess power and ability to do more, that is why people are asking me for the same because they know that I can do more. (We must have right direction to do more for completing our plans and missions, otherwise we will not achieve positive results.

If you are doing more, you are doing for your Yourself, for better Life, for the best  Leadership, for your Family, for betterment of your Kids’ future, for better Business, for better City, for better Nation, for better Country and for better World. This quote realizes your capability that how you can become more, how you can take people with you, how your leadership qualities make you popular that everyone follows you, you can make crowd around you. How you can change or make this world a better place for everyone.  Alia

I think this is more than enough to write about it.


Do It once and Do It Right, this wording was criticized a lot.

It is the best way to complete work in this manner: ‘Do It once and Do It Right’

But it is not possible everywhere, It does not fit in all situations.

  • This wording does not work for those people who have creative they always find new ways that their innovation will be the best from every aspect. They spend time on it do it several times.
  • Even normal people know and believe that better is always possible. Chances of improvement are always there.
  • Researchers and scientist always try to demonstrate and validate their research’s results in various methods. They do it so many times to make research authenticated and confirmed.
  • For those people who are doing anything very first time, they make mistakes and correct all mistakes. To make corrections is not a bad idea in learning new language or technique or something else. So, do it once and do it right, also not applicable here.

This is my message for those who try to discourage and criticize innocent people without any purpose.  Please do not do it again.  You know that whom I am talking to….  Thanks, Alia


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